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All-inclusive Service

Regardless of what type of equipment our clients bring to our workshops, big or small, we offer several kinds of services to all.

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Scheduled Service

  • Arguably the most important aspect when it comes to product care, is keeping to the recommended servicing schedule.
  • We use detailed maintenance history jackets & scheduled checklists, to ensure any product is serviced to the manufacturers set intervals.
  • This enables us to also advise our clients on how to best take care of their products.
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Engine Overhauling

  • We overhaul all types of engines from 1.5HP petrol engines, to 1000HP+ industrial diesel engines.
  • We specialise in Deutz, Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, Yanmar, Isuzu & Yamaha engines, and more.
  • All engines are overhauled diligently to manufacturers torques and clearance settings.
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Component Cleaning

  • During Overhauling of any components, dust and debris ingress prevention is key to getting the most out of the rebuilt components.
  • All components during powertrain/drivetrain overhauling undergo exhaustive UltraSonic component cleaning before refitting to prevent contamination.
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Injection Pump Recalibration & Overhauling

  • We have purpose-built injection pump calibration equipment that sustain good engine performance.
  • Overtime throughout an engines lifetime comes the need to recalibrate and even overhaul its “heartbeat”; the injection pump.
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Body & Paint Repair

When it comes to Body & Chassis repair, we do it all.

  • Auto-body repair, refinishing & repainting
  • Chassis & Body Straightening & Welding
  • Glass replacement & Wheel alignment
  • Upholstery Repair
  • Damage Appraisal, Buffing, and Complete Detailing
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Insurance Works

  • We are considered a Class A workshop by all insurance companies, so clients can chose us for insurance works no matter the product involved.

Heavy Machinery & Agricultural Services

Field service to your doorstep

With our extensive Service Vehicles, we are always close-by to help our customers maintain their machinery and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Hitachi Excavator Maintenance & Complete Systems Overhauling

Supported by Hydraulic system servicing & overhauling experts, Hydraulic hose Crimping equipment, Undercarriage overhauling equipment and the latest in Remote Monitoring which enables us to get real-time data from clients machinery and inform them as soon as something is wrong to help prevent serious damage.

McCormick Tractors & Rostselmash Combine Harvesters Maintenance and Overhauling

We are experienced service provider for tractors ranging from 60hp up to the larger 300hp machines. Our Agri technical team also have expertise in Combine Harvester ranging from 160hp to 350hp.

Drilling Rig complete system overhauling

We are the only local authorised Epiroc (Atlas Copco) service provider, capable of maintaining and overhauling all rig sizes ranging from small rock drills, to the larger deep-hole drilling rigs.

Compaction & Paving Equipment Maintenance & Overhauling

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Cargo Truck & Dump Truck maintenance experts

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Service Maintenance Contracts

We offer different types of maintenance repair contracts to our clients depending on their requirements, from routine service contracts to stationing technicians on 24 hours basis where machinery uptime is mission critical.

Metso Crushing Plants

We have the expertise to install and commission entire Crushing plants, whether mobile or stationary. We also take pride in being one of the best after sales service providers for Crushing Plants, capable of diagnosis & overhauling entire crushing systems.

Generators, Pumps & Renewables Services

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Pump requirement consultation, installation and maintenance

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Power Generator set requirement consultation, installation and maintenance

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Solar PV Energy system consultation, installation and maintenance.

Specialised Services

We specialize in the maintenance of Atlas Copco Industrial Compressors. Thanks to our efforts in personnel development, we are proudly the only company capable of fully overhauling screw compressors in the country. 

Coupled with latest diagnostic equipment and special tools, we offer top class support to our customers.

Hagbes has a service centre & a team of technicians dedicated to the maintenance of Yamaha motorcycles ranging from small 50cc up to large 1300cc. 

This same facility also includes a test tank for Yamaha Outboard Motors for engines ranging from 10hp up to 150hp.

Surveying equipment recalibration 

Surveying equipment diagnosis and software installation

Hardware repair & replacement 

Remote monitoring service. 

Customer Care, Our N.1 Goal

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Product Support Oriented

We have over 130 in-house engineers and technicians; a testament to our outlook towards our customer care responsibilities.

Dedicated Product Support Divisions

We have 14 different maintenance division across 4 independent workshops, each specialised and dedicated to a certain product group and trained accordingly. So no matter what our clients source form us, they will always receive first class service.

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Properly Equipped for the Job

These divisions each have their own service vehicle fleet, so that no matter where our clients are, we are always close to them when they need us most.

Engineers & Technicians


Field Service Vehicles

Mobile Workshops

Our Commitment to Service

We strongly believe that by helping our clients business grow and thrive, so will ours. Which is why we consider customer support to be our main pillar for success. 

For any product we sell, we also build a service team around it. It is our strict policy not to represent a product if we cannot provide the required level of service thereafter. 

Our clients should rest assured that any item we supply, comes with Hagbes’ exceptional standard of after-sales support.

Relentless Self Development

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To ensure that we always provide the highest level of product support, we continuously invest in our technicians by organising training courses abroad in order to develop our in-house knowledge of the latest equipments and technics from our suppliers. 

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Coupled with the latest in diagnostic equipment, this enables us to offer the best quality service to our customers.

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We constantly invest in modernisation, sporting the latest technologies to help improve our customer’s experience. 

Customer Relation Management

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We believe maintenance starts with awareness. And proper maintenance is preventive maintenance.

From our experience, most breakdowns occur due to service schedule negligence and are often a lot costlier compared to a regular and scheduled servicing

We have established a dedicated Product Support Department that looks after all our clients & their machines by keeping regular contact, updating our service requirement database, and organising regular product visits and offer our advise to the clients, at no cost. 

Warranty Support




No after sales support would be complete without product warranty. Warranty support is arguably the one of the most important aspects when it comes to customer support. In order to protect our clients from product defects, we have dedicated Warranty Support Officers for all products.

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Dedicated Workshops

We are dedicated to Serving our Customers with the best product support possible.
This reflects in the support infrastructure we have created. We now serve our customers in 4 service centres, each dedicated and specialised in their field.

Kality Heavy Machinery Service Centre

Our Heavy Machinery Service Centre is located in the southern part of Addis Ababa, and covers an area of over 7000 m2. This is where maintenance teams for all our Heavy Machinery equipment, Trucks and Agricultural Equipment are located.

Sokkia Surveying Equipment Service Centre

Our state-of-the-art Surveying Equipment Service Centre is located on Bole in Addis Ababa’s commercial centre. When unveiled back in 2005, it was the only one of its kind in Ethiopia. Here we calibrate and maintain total stations, Levels and GPS units.

Abakoran Vehicle Service Centre

Our Light Commercial & Passenger Vehicle Service Centre is located in the Northern part of Addis Ababa, and covers an area of 3300 m2. This is where passenger vehicles and commercial trucks of up to 5 tons are serviced.

Yamaha Service Centre

Our Yamaha Service Centre is located in the North West part of Addis Ababa, and covers an area of over 3600 m2. This is where all our Yamaha products such as Motorcycles, Generators, ATVs, Outboard Motors and Pumps are serviced.

Mobile Workshops & Service Vehicles

3 Mobile Workshops

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18 Field Service Vehicles

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135 Engineers & Technicians

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14 Service Divisions

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Training Centres & Training Equipment

Training Centres

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Hydraulic Training Equipment

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Overhauling Facilities & Equipment

Dust-free Component Overhauling facilities

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

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  • State-of-the-art component reconditioning machinery for worn engine parts and others.
  • As far as we know, we are the only company in Ethiopia that reconditions crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads and other components, after they are considered no longer useable by most.
  • Using cutting edge technology, where others would replace such parts, we re-coat layers of specific material back onto the worn or damaged parts to ensure they can be reconditioned and safely re-used as new components
  • Latest equipment in component cleaning before refitting to prevent contamination
  • Lathe machine for manufacturing specific components
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  • We have purpose-built equipment that allows us to change tyres with rim sizes of up to 56” without damaging the rim or tyre.
  • Most users with larger than average rims usually replace their wheels after 1 or 2 tyre changes, as they have no choice but to replace the latter using hammers.
  • This damages the lips of the wheels overtime and will eventually need a full replacement.
  • Our equipment provides a quick and simple solution.


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Surveying Equipment calibration platform

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Injection Pump overhauling and recalibration station

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Undercarriage overhauling equipment

  • Remote monitoring is a new addition to our customer support arsenal
  • On select machinery, we have the ability to monitor the machine’s “vitals” in real time, hence accurately schedule maintenances and inform the client in due time.
  • It also helps us alert the user/owner of any issues with the machinery to prevent any serious damage.
  • Diagnostic Equipment for all our ECU controlled products.
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Book a service in our workshops, or request a service team to visit you