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Storage Facilities

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Our Storage Facilities

We have a total of 9 storage facilities around Addis Ababa, covering a total area of over 5400 m² of which 2,100 m² is exclusively dedicated as Spare Parts Stores. 

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Dedicated Spare Parts Staff

A total of 35 people work in our Spare Parts Sales and Stores division to offer our customers a comfortable and seamless experience when visiting us.

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Pleasant Customer Experience

To lower our customers waiting time while at our Spare Parts counters, we offer multiple tills at our shops all while offering conformable waiting areas to accommodate the brief visits.

Over 5400 m² Covered Storage Area

Storage Facilities

People Work In Our Spare Parts Sales

over 2100 m² of dedicated Storage Space for Spare Parts

Why Genuine Parts?

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What are Genuine and Counterfeit parts?

Genuine Parts are branded as such, after they have passed extensive quality control and inspections by the machinery manufacturers. Not only are their performances tested, but in some cases even strict chemical composition of the materials used and manufacturing process will have been examined to make sure they meet design specifications. Counterfeit parts however are mere imitations of the Genuine Parts. Often manufactured as cost effectively as possible without respecting many of the design specifications of the manufacturer.

We only use and sell Genuine Parts for all our products. This is our commitment with no exceptions. 

There are many counterfeit options available in the market, but we do not put a price on quality. And we advise our customers to do the same.

Genuine parts may have a higher price tag at first. But in the long run, they pay for themselves by maintaining your vehicle’s/machinery’s health throughout its lifetime.

Counterfeit parts however are mere imitations of the Genuine Parts. Often manufactured as cost effectively as possible without respecting many of the design specifications of the manufacturer.

The initial investment on non-genuine parts may be lower than OE parts, however they will they require replacing much sooner than their genuine counterparts.

They will also carry a high risk of causing further damage to related components, reducing the overall life of the vehicle or machinery.

Difference between Genuine & Counterfeit parts

Counterfeit parts come in all shapes and sizes, and at all prices levels. However not many people actually know what type of damages sub-par parts can cause.
Here are a few real world comparisons of Genuine vs. Counterfeit parts.
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Oil Filter Comparison

This example shows two oil filters, one genuine (left) and one counterfeit (right). They were removed after their service life and compared. As can be seen, the counterfeit filter has structurally failed during operation and no longer was working effectively. This would have caused permanent damage to the engine leading to a complete overhaul.

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Air Filter Comparison

Here we have two air filter housing units, one with a genuine air filter installed, and the other with a counterfeit one. When tested in dusty conditions, the genuine air filter no dust that had passed through to the intake side of the housing, whereas the counterfeit filter had let a very large amount of dust through to the engine. Considering that even a gram of dust can ruin an engine, the motor using the counterfeit air filter has inevitably sustained severe damage and would need complete overhauling.

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Brake Discs Comparison

Another example of Genuine and Counterfeit parts. Here we have visually identical brake discs being tested under load. Where the Genuine brake disc seems to be dissipating the generated heat appropriately, the Counterfeit brake is glowing red. This is cause by different material compositions of the metal. Overheated brake discs and pads loose their ability to stop the vehicle which can lead to injury or death.

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