Atikilt Tera

Where is all started. The first of Hagbes offices. Today it is used as an outlet for light, industrial and agricultural machinery. It is located on Cunningham Street in the commercial center of the city.

Services/Products Here 

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Surveying equipment
  • Pumps
  • Generators

Atkilt Tera Branch Items

Industrial machineries    Work shop machineries    General commodities 
Coffee processing machine
Diary Processing machines
Marble processing machines
Bakery machines
Cereal processing machineries
Construction equipments 


Wood working machine
Air compressors
Tools (cutting ,drilling , grinding)
Hand tools
Power tools
welding machine
Cutting and bending machines etc 
Spare Parts
V- belt and Flat belt
Shafts(steel ,bronze, brass)
Perforated sheets
Grinding mills and stones
Drive units( engines)
Electric motors
Copper wires
Steel ropes
Razor  wires, mesh wires , chicken wires etc


Atikilt Tera Product View